Chillswim Limited

Chillswim Coniston 2019

Saturday 31st August 2019
08:00 - 17:00 | Coniston Water


Minimum age: 16 on day of event
Terms and Conditions:
Please read and agree to these terms and conditions to Enter this event

AGREEING TO THE T&Cs: By ticking the box on the entry system stating, "I have read and agree to the terms & conditions of entry", you have agreed to the following conditions of entry:
CONTACT DETAILS: Important updates will be emailed to the contact email address provided on entry, you must login to update your details if there are any changes to your email and personal details.

IF YOU WANT TO CANCEL: Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable (unless you have a medical issue approved by your doctor/nurse) see below.

MEDICAL CANCELLATIONS: In the event of a participant cancelling due to a medical reason please note the terms below:
A medical certificate must be emailed to (cancellations are not taken over the phone) to the event organisers by 1st August.
Any refund due to you as a result of a medical cancellation is as follows:
a) Cancellation by you >90 days before event - 70% refund
b) Cancellation by you >60 days before event - 50% refund
c) Cancellation by you >30 days before event - 25% refund
d) Cancellation by you <29 days before event - no refund

If we are unable to hold the event on the chosen date due to circumstances beyond our control, Chillswim will attempt to restage the event at the earliest possible date and no refunds will be given.
If we are unable to restage the event then race entry only, minus a £6.50 administration fee will be refunded. Chillswim has no responsibility for additional costs incurred such as travel and accommodation. We hope that you would still be able to travel and enjoy the area in which the event was planned.
Each participant must wear a tow-float throughout the swim. This is a safety precaution to help visibility in the water. It is not a life saving device and cannot be treated as such. It is up to the individual to be able to swim the distance in varying weather conditions, as a tow-float will not prevent a swimmer from drowning.
AGE LIMIT: Competitors must be older than 16 years on the day of the event.
MEDICAL: Open water is a strenuous exercise. To avoid any doubt in your health and fitness, you should undertake a medical check-up including an ECG test before starting training for this event. If you have been ill or have experienced a change in your wellbeing or physical state such as pregnancy, please consult a doctor.
TRAINING FOR OPEN WATER: All competitors must train in open water before participating in the event. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are fully prepared for the Chillswim Coniston event and the event organisers cannot be held responsible for any lack of preparation on your part.
When open water swimming down the length of a lake you may encounter varying conditions such as waves and choppy water. You should be prepared for varying types of weather by regular outdoor swimming.
During the event all swimmers must follow and comply with the instructions given by safety staff. This includes instructions once the swim has started, where the event may be halted due to reasons beyond our control such as, but not limited to: lightning, bad weather, or a serious incident during the event.
NONCOMPLIANCE: We reserve the right to evict you from the event for the safety of yourself and/or the events integrity. This includes, but is not limited to:
a) Taking someone else's entry, so the event does not have the correct details for the participant.
b) Causing offence to any staff member or event participant.
c) Appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
d) Not wearing a tow-float.
e) Swimmers who fall behind a pace of 65 minutes per mile pace will be pulled out of the event 
due to safety cover of the event.
Chillswim has the right to alter the timetable and structure of the events up to and including the day of the events. The direction of the swim course may be altered depending on the prevailing wind direction.
Chillswim reserve the right to use images on print and digital media of you taking part in the event.
The event organisers retain the right to cancel the event up to one month (1st Aug) before the race date (1st Sept) if sufficient entry numbers have not been secured to justify the cost of holding the event. Lack of sufficient entries would jeopardise the overall budget to secure enough medical and safety cover on the water and would be unsafe to hold the event. The minimum number of entries required to run this event is 500 and every effort will be undertaken to secure this number and additional sponsors to secure the event. In the case of having to cancel, a full refund will be given to all participants. Chillswim cannot take any responsibility for money lost through any out of pocket expenses paid in advance of the event by the participant, including pre booked accommodation.

Chillswim will not be liable to you for the following:

a) Loss or theft on or around the event site, hotel and car park
b) Any loss of fundraising money due to non-completion of the event for whatever reason
c) Injury or sickness due to the participant's negligence
d) Not finishing the swim for any reason.

Chillswim Ltd
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Registered office: Unit 6 Northern Diver Building, Appley Lane North Appley Bridge, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9AE

Female   £ 95.00
Male   £ 95.00

Event Extras

Price Qty
Tow Float

Endurance Revolution Tow Float/Dry Bag (deliveries will be posted out from Feb 2019 onwards)

£ 20.00