Lake Geneva Swimming Association

Escape Léman 750m

Sunday 17th July 2022
08:00 - 13:00 | Evian-les-Bains

Terms and Conditions:
Please read and agree to these terms and conditions to Enter this event
1. Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

By ticking the box labelled ‘I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of entry’, you agree to enter the Escape Léman and abide by the following conditions, and any instructions given to you by the organisers/officials of the Escape Léman.

2. Contact Details

Important information will be emailed to you using the email address provided upon entry and we may send you documentation after the Escape Léman. You must make sure you provide up to date contact details and update these details, if there are any changes, by logging in via our online swim platform or contacting the LGSA directly via email. Failure to provide complete and accurate information may result in your application being rejected. The LGSA reserves the right to reject incomplete applications should the missing information not be provided within the deadlines set by the LGSA. Those swimmers with rejected applications will not be allowed to attempt their swim and no refunds will be given.

3. Payments and Refunds

Entry fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. No refund or entry can be carried over to another year.

4. Cancellation by you

In the event that you are unable to participate due to a medical reason you must inform the LGSA immediately via email and provide the LGSA with a medical certificate as proof. Refunds will not be given for any other reason. If you cancel due to a medical reason your cancellation is subject to the following terms;
i) 90 days or more before the Escape Léman = 70% refund (minus 5€ fee)
ii) between 89 and 60 days before the Escape Léman = 50% refund (minus 5€ fee)
iii) between 59 and 30 days before the Escape Léman = 25% refund (minus 5€ fee)
iv) less than 30 days before the Escape Léman = no refund will be given

Submission of a medical certificate does not guarantee that it will be accepted. With regards to medical cancellations no refunds will be given unless verified and approved by the LGSA. This is done on a case by case basis and a refund being granted in a previous or similar case does not guarantee that you will also be given a refund. Please note that for events, when you are within a month of the event, we will be unable to reallocate your place in the event no matter what the reason for withdrawal.

5. Cancellation by the LGSA

The LGSA may cancel the Escape Léman if circumstances beyond our reasonable control arise including but not limited to;
i) inclement weather conditions
ii) poor water quality
iii) water temperature below 11 degrees celsius
iv) war
v) civil or political unrest
vi) terrorism
vii) plague
In such circumstances we will attempt to restage the Escape Léman as soon as possible, either at the same location or an alternative location and no refunds will be given. You will be informed of any changes at the Escape Léman or earlier if possible. If the LGSA is unable to restage the Escape Léman then we will refund you your race fee only (minus a 5€ administration fee). The LGSA has no responsibility for any other costs, including but not limited to travel and accommodation. The Escape Léman is staged in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and we hope you will visit the local area and enjoy your time there.

The LGSA reserves the right to cancel the Escape Léman up to 60 days before the published date if, in our sole discretion, we have not received a sufficient number of applicants to make the Escape Léman economically viable.

6. Your Age and Medical Condition

You must be older than 18 years on the day of the Escape Léman. Any swimmer younger than 18 years must provide the LGSA with consent in writing by a parent or legal guardian. Open water swimming involves strenuous exercise. You should therefore undergo a medical check-up, including an ECG test, before you start training for the Escape Léman. If you have been unwell or have experienced a change in your wellbeing and/or physical state (such as pregnancy) please consult your doctor. You should under no circumstances take part in the Escape Léman if you are not in an appropriate state to do so.

7. Preparation

You must train in open water before participating in the Escape Léman. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully prepared for the Escape Léman. The LGSA cannot be held responsible for any lack of preparation on your part. When swimming during the Escape Léman you may encounter varying weather conditions including waves and choppy water, therefore you must ensure that you are prepared for all types of weather by swimming regularly in open water. Please note when swimming in fresh water you are not as buoyant as when swimming in salt water and as such you may experience different sensations in freshwater. You should ensure that you are aware of the differences when swimming in fresh water and that you are sufficiently prepared.

8. Event Safety and Non-compliance

During the Escape Léman all swimmers must follow the instructions of the organisers and safety staff, before, during and after the start of the swim. The swim may be abandoned for reasons beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, lightening, bad weather or a serious incident during the swim. The LGSA reserves the right to refuse you entry to, or to ask you to cease your participation in the Escape Léman if;
i) you take someone else’s entry, or are involved in the changing of someone’s entry
ii) you fail to follow the instructions of Escape Léman officials/organisers
iii) you attempt to participate in a way which we, in our sole discretion and acting reasonably, believe;
a) may cause harm and/or offence to a Escape Léman official/organiser, or any other Escape Léman participant
b) may cause harm to you
c) may harm the environment
d) causes a risk or potential risk to health and safety
iv) you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
v) you are unfit to participate due to an injury or illness
vi) you fail to check in on time
vii) we, in our sole discretion and acting reasonably, judge that you are unable to swim fast enough to allow you to complete the Escape Léman within the timeframes set by the event organisers and officials.
viii) you take part in any ambush marketing activity

9. Mandatory tow-float

Each participant of the Escape Léman 6.2km must wear a tow-float throughout the swim. This is a safety precaution to help visibility in the water. It is not a life saving device and cannot be treated as such. It is up to the individual to be able to swim the distance in varying weather conditions, as a tow-float will not prevent a swimmer from drowning. Non-wetsuit participants of the Escape Léman 1.5km, 750m and 200m must wear tow-floats.

10. Event Changes

The LGSA reserves the right to make any amendments to the Escape Léman that it deems necessary in order to stage the swim including, but not limited to, reducing the distance of the swim, changing the swim course or altering the timetable and structure of events. Any changes to the swim will be communicated to you at the Escape Léman itself or sooner if possible. Should the Escape Léman be amended in any way you agree that it has still been staged and that you will not be eligible for any refund.

11. Use of Images

The LGSA reserves the right to use images of you taking part in the Escape Léman for its own purposes. You agree to the publication of photographs and broadcasts of your image which accurately depict your participation in the Escape Léman.

12. Insurance and Liability

If travelling from abroad you must ensure that you have your own appropriate travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your trip.

In no event will the LGSA be liable to you for any
i) loss, theft or damage
ii) loss of profit
iii) loss of reputation
iv) loss of business, revenue or goodwill
v) pledges made by you (or on your behalf) to charity
vi) consequential or indirect loss
vii) injury or sickness due to your negligence
viii) failure to complete the swim distance
ix) failure to swim within the agreed time limit.

Nothing in this Agreement shall affect our liability for death or personal injury, fraud, or any other liability to the extent it cannot be excluded or limited by law.

The LGSA has its own appropriate third party liability insurance for the Escape Léman for its own benefit. You acknowledge that you are not entitled to benefit under this insurance from any claim is made against you by a third party for death, personal injury or damage to property as a result, or in connection with, your negligent actions or omissions whilst taking part in the Escape Léman. You will indemnify and keep the LGSA indemnified against any claim made against us by a third party for death, personal injury or damage to property as a result of, or in connection with, your negligent actions or omissions whilst taking part in the Escape Léman.

Event Extras

Price Qty
Tow float hire 5€

Hire a tow float for your swim. Pay your 10€ refundable deposit now, and we will refund you 5€ after the event and return of the tow float.