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LGSA Escape Léman 2022

17th July 2022


The Escape Léman is an adventure swim that combines adventure, iconic sailing vessels and a distance that suits you. Choose to participate in either the 6.2km, 1.5km, 750m or 200m fun splash.

- Transport on the iconic ‘lateen’ sailing boats of Lake Geneva.
- Professional water safety team to support the swim.
- Feed stations along the route providing an assortment of energy drinks, gels or bars (6.2km distance only).
- LGSA Escape Léman event swim hat.
- LGSA Escape Léman event medal for each participant.
- Special edition LGSA Escape Léman commemorative prize.

The Escape Léman begins on board one of the iconic sailing barges of Lake Geneva. Participants travel out to the 6.2km, 1.5km, 750m and 200m start points in the middle of the lake, before swimming back to the renowned Centre Nautique at Evian-les-Bains.

- There are limited places available and entries close on 5th July 2021 unless full before.
- Please note there is a cut-off time of 36 minutes per kilometre. For the 6.2km distance this means roughly 1 hour 50 minutes to reach the halfway point, and 3 hours 40 minutes to reach the finish.
- Swimmers will board the boats at Evian before cruising into the lake and swimming back to the Centre Nautique, Evian.
- Tow floats are mandatory for all participants of the 6.2km. Participants of the 1.5km, 750m and 200m must swim either in a wetsuit or with a tow float.

Come and meet the Savoie and the Neptune, the largest boats with lateen sails in the world! For a short while, live the life of the historic “bacounis” or ferrymen who used to transport raw materials and goods across Lake Geneva up to 80 times a year. The original Savoie, with its characteristic triangular sails of mediterranean origin, was built in 1896, before eventually being demolished in 1945. The current replica is registered under the name “Savoie 513” in homage to its illustrious ancestor. The Neptune dates from 1904 and in the 70’s was gifted by the State of Geneva to its current fondation, for the preservation of this historic icon on the lake. Step aboard and let your lacustrine adventure begin!

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