Fully Sussed

Fully Sussed


Fully Sussed is run by husband and wife duo Maddie and Jay Horton. Prolific racers, and now race organisers and coaches, we have been on the mountain bike scene since the 1990s, and have racked up an impressive set of results in solo and pair competitions. We are more likely to be seen riding for fun and organising events these days.

Event History

Previous Fully Sussed Events:

Filthy Foxes Newnham Takeover 2023

29th April 2023
Newnham Park

The Filthy Foxes will take over Newnham Park on Saturday 29th April from 9.30am-12.30pm. The event will be open to women only, and is a chance to ride a selection of the best singletrack Newnham Park has to offer at a leisurely pace, with no pressure and no timing. There will also be coaches based at key sections to give you advice about technique and line choice. You can play around at these sections for as long as you like.